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High Altitude Balloons
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A photo of the edge of space, taken by SSI-23, Gemini

The Balloon team constructs and launches high altitude latex balloons with experimental payloads. To date, the team has launched and recovered 43 high altitude balloons to as high as 120,000 feet with thermal controls, satellite communication, and scientific payloads. They have launched a balloon all the way across the continental United States, and are currently working to enable balloons to fly even further. The Balloons Team Faculty Advisor is Dr. Marco Pavone.

Balloon payloads are launched with state-of-the-art equipment constantly re-envisioned by the team. Recent additions include altitude control mechanics for latex balloons, including a gas venting valve and ballast dispenser, as well as a custom flight control system, two-way satellite communications, an intelligent altitude control algorithm, and more. The goal of the team is to push the bounds on its current latex balloon flight hardware, both in terms of flight time and flight distance.

The current team leads are Brandon Vabre and Kirill Safin.

Balloon Launches
2014-15 SSI-19202122
2015-16 SSI-23(a) • 2425262728293031323334353637383940414243
2016-17 444546474849505152


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