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Project Daedalus
Dr. Hai Wang (Team Advisor) Ian Gomez (Co-Lead) Chris May (Co-Lead)
Launch Certifications
Level 1 Level 2 • Level 3
CFD WorkflowSo You Want To...Avionics
Cardinal II lifting off the pad on a J class motor.

The Rockets team is a student-led group striving to push the limits of high power rocketry. The team is currently working Project Daedalus, creating and testing novel systems for an eventual larger-scale rocket project. Project Daedalus. Project Daedalus is a suite of four rockets: Talos is a launch vehicle for Kythera, Charybdis is testing out passive ascent stabilization with canted fins, Prometheus is demonstrating active roll control of a payload on descent, and Pegasus is testing a parafoil recovery system.

To accomplish each of the components of Daedalus, the Rockets team builds and launches Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 high-power rockets. These are launched with national rocketry clubs.

The Rockets team Faculty Advisor is Dr. Hai Wang. The current team leads are Christopher May and Ian Gomez.

Check out the Rockets Team page for everything you need to know about the team.


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