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Congratulations! You have done a great service to SSI by spending your own hard-earned money on buying something we need. Thanks for that. The reimbursement system is absolutely key to our functionality as an organization - without it, it would take months of lead time to buy anything, and what we do would become almost impossible. Now, let's get your money back, as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Keep you receipt!

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Without a receipt, it's very difficult to reimburse. If you're buying things at home, save your receipt and try to submit it as soon as you can; if you're traveling with SSI, take a picture of your receipt in case you forget it or accidentally lose it. And when you get your receipt, check two things:

  • Is it an invoice? If so, it's not quite enough - you also need to attach a bank statement.
  • Is it itemized? Restaurants are especially notorious for this, but if a place doesn't list a breakdown of what you spent, it doesn't count. If you get one of these, go back and ask for an itemized one. If you can't get an itemized one, we can try to work something out.

Step 2: Go to the SSI Internal Site

It's at You can log on with your Stanford ID. If all goes well, you should see this page:

SSI Internal Site Start Page.
SSI Internal Site Start Page.

If not, go to #operations-website and complain.

Step 3: Click on the reimbursements tab

Once you're there, click on New Reimbursement

New Reimbursement Button.
New Reimbursement Button.

Step 4: Fill out the fields and submit!

Most fields here are self-explanatory. Some notes:

  • If you used an SSI credit card, make sure to box that field.
  • If this expense was already handled somehow (this happens rarely), hit that field.
  • "Delivery Method" refers to if you want to pick the reimbursement up at Old Union or have it mailed to you. Generally pickup at Old Union is easier.
  • If you're confused by a field or unsure what to put, please contact @chloe or @Peter Maldonado.
Fields to fill out to get reimbursed.
Fields to fill out to get reimbursed.

Step 5: (Some Teams Only) Fill Out an Expense Report

Some teams require that you make a detailed listing of the expenses you dealt with. They'll have a budget document where you can list what money you spent. Contact your coleads to know where that is.

Step 6: Track your process and make changes if necessary

When you submit your reimbursement, slackbot will message you to let you know! After that, it's up to the financial officers to process it, and slackbot will update you as they do so. If there's something wrong with your reimbursement, they'll also let you know! If you get a message saying your reimbursement was rejected, don't despair. There are plenty of ways to fix it and resubmit it--check the message from either the FOs, team co-leads, or SSE (Stanford Student Enterprises, the people who make the final call on the validity of a reimbursement) and make the necessary changes. If you're unsure what the message means or want clarification, contact either @chloe or @Peter Maldonado.

Step 7: Pick up your reimbursement

Within a few weeks, you should get an email from ASSU saying that a payment is available! You can go pick up your check from the ASSU office on the first floor of Old Union, behind the Axe and Palm (TAP).