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SSI-25 (Cassiopeia)
Ssi 25.png
Launch date October 24th, 2015
Launch site 2093 San Juan Drive, Hollister, CA
Launch coordinates 36.84842,-121.43236
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SSI-25 Cassiopeia was a high-altitude balloon launched by a team consisting of inexperienced freshman, sophomores, and juniors.


The design and coding of the payload went well due to the hard work of the team and their mentors. The team struggled with getting the nichrome wire experiment to work the night before the launch and therefore it was not included in the final payload. In addition, on the day of the launch the key-chain camera experienced software problems and did not function during the flight.


The flight lasted for 263.15 minutes. The balloon reached a maximum altitude 26530.69 meters. The parachute deployed successfully.

ground track


SSI-25 Cassiopeia was equipped with an arduino mega which controlled the sensors, heating pads, data logging, solar panel and buzzer. The payload also included a GoPro located within one of the styrofoam boxes and a key-chain camera attached to a selfie stick.


SSI-25 Cassopeia was recovered in a field with the payload intact and the buzzer still emitting noise.

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