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Launch date February 13, 2016
Launch site 2093 San Juan Drive, Hollister, CA
Launch coordinates 36.84857,-121.43262
Flight duration 3:14:58
Landing coordinates 37.13002, -120.55377
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SSI-29 featured SSI's first-ever flight of a DSLR camera. It's primary focus was the capturing of high quality, high resolution images from high altitude for marketing purposes.

The payload consisted of one Canon T5i DSLR, an intervalometer set to take a picture every 2 seconds on an automatic setting, and a wide-angle 24mm lens.

Initially, the camera stopped taking pictures on the ground. The cause was unknown, and the payload was opened just prior to launch. The memory on the SD card had ran out; the card was formatted and reinserted, and the camera resumed normal function. Upon recovery, it was noticed that the camera was no longer taking pictures. The latest picture from the camera was still at a high altitude, and featured no photographs from burst or descent. Prevailing theories are that thermal issues caused the camera to shut down.

The next flight of a DSLR will feature more heating to see if the problem is resolved, and likely a different lens.