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SSI-45 (Poseidon)
Launch site 2093 San Juan Drive, Hollister, CA
Launch coordinates 36.84842,-121.43236
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Payload Description

The payload consisted of a custom made, modular duron box, as well as a small styrofoam box. The modular box was hexagonal and designed to be stacked vertically with other boxes of the same design. It held all of the electronics (internal/external temp sensors, pressure sensor, gps, RockBlock Iridium Satellite communications module, all controlled by an Arduino Mega) and was insulated by pink foam. The small styrofoam box held a very simple gimbal and a SPOT gps tracker.

SPOT Transmissions
Team Poseidon on Launch Day


The payload stopped recording barometer altitude and interior temperature within two minutes of liftoff. However, GPS and Iridium RockBlock data were still logged.

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