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The Policy Team explores how and why space development occurs and how the approach towards space is changing. By seeking an understanding of the legislation, market trends, history, and philosophy that has affected the development of the space industry, we hope to build up a community of students that can speak intelligently about the nuances of the space sector in today's world. Throughout the year, we’ll tackle the most pressing questions of modern space exploration through research, discussions, debates, and an immersive trip to DC.

Also back for its third run this Winter, the Policy Team will again offer an introductory class on space policy this Winter quarter, AA 47SI: Why Go to Space?, featuring guest speakers from industry, academia, and government. Though a small team in its current form, we’re excited for new members to join us in understanding space beyond just the nuts and bolts.

Join us at our weekly "meetings", SpaceJams, and don't hesitate to reach out to the current team lead, Rebecca SlackLogo.png@rebeccawong

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