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Part of the Rockets series
Project Daedalus
Dr. Hai Wang (Team Advisor) Thomas White (Co-Lead) William Koski (Co-Lead)
Launch Certifications
Level 1 Level 2 • Level 3
CFD WorkflowSo You Want To...Avionics
Cardinal II lifting off the pad on a J class motor.

The Rockets team is a student-led group striving to push the limits of high power rocketry. The team's long-term goal is a shot to the 100-km Karman Line which forms the common definition of space. Along the way, it competes every year in the Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition and runs Project Daedalus, a suite of experimental projects developing technology required to reach space. This year's Project Daedalus is a suite of three rockets: Charybdis is testing out passive ascent stabilization with canted fins, Argus is designing a rocket with RF-activated interior camera systems, and Icarus is creating a reefed parachute that can vary its size during descent.

To accomplish each of the components of Daedalus, the Rockets team builds and launches Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 high-power rockets. These are launched with national rocketry clubs.

The Rockets team Faculty Advisor is Dr. Hai Wang. The current team leads are Max Newport and Daniel Shorr.

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