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Operations is home to organizational maintenance, sponsor relations, financial agreements, and public relations to protect and enhance the integrity, ethics, and uniqueness of SSI's aerospace technological developments. Operations members hone their professional skills and bridge SSI to the interdisciplinary aerospace community via outreach to graphic design and presentations. Operations is the nexus where technical acumen meets strategic execution, offering an unparalleled opportunity to navigate complex challenges in the versatile factors at the intersection of innovation and regulation. Our team manages substantial groups and budgets, renovating workspaces, enabling the spirit of research and advancement at SSI while garnering support from the top of the space industry.

Sponsorships and partnerships with industry leaders make thoughtful space innovation possible. SSI aspires to model this ethical development in our organization's behavior, and Operations is at the forefront of ensuring this culture is maintained. We have brought Charlie Bolden, the former administrator of NASA, and Gwynne Shotwell, the President of SpaceX, to Stanford SSI to advise our teams and efforts, among many other Operations endeavors that have and continue to form the backbone of SSI. The current Operations Lead is Ria Bahadur.

SSI Operations consists of 6 subteams:

  • Public Relations and Videography (PRV)
  • Sponsorship and Finance Acquisition (SFA)
  • Communications and Presentation (C&P)
  • Event Planning and Execution (EPE)
  • Workspace Management and Safety (WMS)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Public Relations & Videography (PRV)

Public Relations and Videography is the space community, sponsors, Stanford campus, and public's lens to SSI's efforts, events, and accomplishments. Besides managing our social media presence, alumni relations, news, and content creation, they are responsible for maintaining and furthering SSI's footprint within the space world through wide-reaching digital initiatives.

Sponsorship & Finance Acquisition (SFA)

Sponsorship and Finance Acquisition serves as the primary liaison with esteemed partners like Boeing, Autodesk, and Stanford, while continually engaging with new sponsors to bolster our innovation. They secure the financial resources necessary for development by navigating complex financial regulations and frameworks. Their strategic negotiations and partnerships not only fuel SSI's pioneering projects, but amplify our credibility and financial stability.

The Financial Officers (COs) are crucial in SFA as they expertly manage our substantial budget and serve as the primary interface with Stanford administrators and sponsoring companies. Their strategic financial oversights ensures seamless operations and supports SSI's continuous pursuit of exploration and growth.

Communications & Presentation (C&P)

Communications and Presentation is dedicated to crafting compelling and informative materials that articulate SSI's mission and achievements for internal and external use. C&P develops presentations, impact reports, and briefings that effectively educate and engage stakeholders in various settings, from outreach initiatives to board meetings. Their work enhances SSI's visibility and ensures our goals resonate clearly and persuasively with both current and potential partners.

Event Planning & Execution (EPE)

Event Planning and Execution is pivotal in shaping the club's community and culture by orchestrating dynamic events that strengthen SSI's cohesion and outreach. From spring retreats to large-scale gatherings to onboarding, this team plans and executes events that enhance the SSI experience and community, playing a crucial role in fostering lasting connections among future leaders in space.

Workspace Management & Safety (WMS)

Workspace Management and Safety maintains and safeguards SSI's resources and members; responsible for managing a machine shop, cultivating an indoor herb garden, and adorning our 60-foot-tall bunker with inspiring space-themed murals, WMS transforms our designated areas into hubs of creativity and efficiency. Safety protocols are rigorously developed and implemented to ensure all activities, from handling dry ice to rocket launches, are conducted securely, preventing injuries and fostering a safe working environment. Additional, the SSIT segment of WMS is crucial to managing the organization's technological backbone by keeping our Wiki, website, and all digital infrastructure operational for the seamless function of all SSI's activities.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is dedicated to fostering the most inclusive and welcoming community within the space sector, with SSI leading by example. Through orchestrating quarterly leadership workshops, hosting talks and SSI Town Halls, and collaborating with engineering diversity organizations, we ensure SSI is an ever-adaptable space where everyone feels valued and supported. In addition to educational activities, DEI partners with EPE to organize self-care and movie nights, along with inviting speakers to discuss vital topics such as equity and representation in aerospace. DEI is responsible to making SSI not just a center of campus technological innovation, but also a leader in prioritizing ethics and diversity.