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Hello! There are a few things you need to do if you'd like to have full access to SSI's resources as a member. :-)

Becoming an official member

  1. Join the SSI Slack here.
  2. Join the SSI mailing list here.
  3. Apply for access to ESIII. This includes completing safety training and paperwork. Find the instructions for that here
  4. Take a look at Approaching SSI, a handbook for new (and prospective) members!



Slack is the lifeblood of SSI. It is a messaging client that allows everyone within SSI to communicate. There are general channels (like SlackLogo.png#rockets ), which allow us to push out general updates to everyone interested in the rockets team and direct messages which allows one to one or smaller group communication. Notifications are pushed directly to your phone/computer/anything that has internet so that way we can infringe on all of your free time! Have any questions? Feel free to ask the Co-Presidents!

SlackLogo.png@Elijah Kim  and SlackLogo.png@Angelina Krinos 

We highly recommend joining the channels of whichever teams you are interested in! To see what a list of what channels there are to join, check out the Slack Directory.

Join the SSI Slack here.


Home to all of our events across all our teams.

SSI Leadership

Find out who's in charge of things you're interested in and contact them! You can find all of us on Slack as well.

The Wiki

This wiki is a great place to find guides, overviews, and generally useful documentation on SSI projects. Many of the most current plans and docs are in the drive though.

SSI Drive

The drive contains a lot of important documentation for each team. We are trying to put more emphasis on using the wiki as a place for longer-term knowledge storage. If you don't have access, ask in SlackLogo.png#SSIT 

The Mailing List

We use SSI General for organization-wide announcements, and it's a good way to hear about events that get lost in the depths of slack (Slack is still by and large the primary mode of communication for most of us though).

End Station III

End Station III (also known as ES3) can be considered the temple to SSI’s religion, the hub, nerve center, or kernel of all project activity. End Station III houses work sessions, team meetings, and project storage. Keycard access is required to access the building.


Find a Project

If you're ever feeling overwhelmed or lost about all the things going on in SSI, use this page to see what's what! Reach out to someone working on a project you're interested in and they'll help you get started. If you have questions or just want to chat, poke any leadership member.