Naming Conventions

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Naming Conventions
Part of the HONEY Architecture series
& the HABEES series
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HONEY Standards Venom Breakout Fang Breakout Board Naming
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The Count
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Boards developed within HABEES and HONEY can have, as their designer wishes, any name (as long as it is appropriate). However, there are general naming conventions and trends within HABEES for a variety of board-types and functions that have persisted and, should a new board fall under one of these categories, a suitable naming convention would be preferable.

Consistent naming conventions across board-types decreases confusion, as the simple/fun names associated with boards become very easy to relate to the function of a board, and hearing a board named "Pound Cake" will immediately cause one to think it is power-related (Power related boards are nicknamed after desserts).

The following are various current categorizations and naming conventions, as well as the boards that follow them.

Avionics & Flight Control Boards: Sesame Street Characters
Power Regulation & Management Boards: Desserts
Radio Boards: Birds & Parrots
Breakout/Expansion Boards: Snakes
Test Boards: Bee-related

Avionics Power Radio Breakout Test
Oscar (the Grouch) Apple Turnover Macaw Cobra QueenBee
Cookie Monster Biscuit Viper
Elmo Cupcake
The Count (von Count)