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Part of the HABEES series
SSI Team Balloons
Founding Spring 2016
Founder Kirill Safin
Objective Development of hardware, software, and radio systems for the Balloons Team
Acronym High Altitude Balloon Electrical Engineering Systems
HONEY Standards Venom Breakout Fang Breakout Board Naming
Core Architecture
Gen 1 Architecture HONEY
Core Avionics
Oscar Cookie Monster Elmo The Count
Core Power
Apple Turnover Biscuit
Core Peripherals
Medusa Cobra Viper QueenBee ProtoBee
Core Radio
Test & Prototype
Making a HONEY Board Using STINGR Using QueenBee Making a Prototype

HABEES (High Altitude Balloon Electrical Engineering Systems) is the primary sub-team in the Balloons Team responsible for the development of electronics and software for HAB applications. It was originally called HABADD (High Altitude Balloon Avionics Development Division) and was later renamed to include all Electronics & Flight Software development in the balloons team outside of ValBal. It was started by Kirill Safin in Spring of 2016.

HABEES has since developed two HAB electronics architectures, four avionics systems, two battery management systems, and a variety of breakout & expansion platforms, as well as test systems and flight software. It is also responsible for balloons general-oriented radio technology development, developing systems such as APRS, SSTV, and ATV.