Balloons Gen 3 BMS

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Part of the HABEES series
Gen5bms s.PNG
Chief Designer Zachary Belateche
Technology Line Balloons Core Power
Version Generation III
Name Cupcake
HONEY Standards Venom Breakout Fang Breakout Board Naming
Core Architecture
Gen 1 Architecture HONEY
Core Avionics
Oscar Cookie Monster Elmo The Count
Core Power
Apple Turnover Biscuit
Core Peripherals
Medusa Cobra Viper QueenBee ProtoBee
Core Radio
Test & Prototype
Making a HONEY Board Using STINGR Using QueenBee Making a Prototype

Cupcake is the 3rd iteration of the Battery Management Ssystem for the HABEES Standard Avionics Platform. It addresses the complexity issue of the previous generation by removing the data collection circuitry/microcontroller, and adding a separate power path for expansion boards. It is compliant with the Gen 2 Architecture.


  • Main Avionics Power Path
    • 3.3V, 5V
  • Expansion Board Power Path
    • 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V
  • Shared raw cell voltage (VBAT)

Features of each power path:

  • Voltage and Current Protector (Undervoltage 3V, Overvoltage 5V, Overcurrent 5A)
  • Buckboost for 5V and LDO (low dropout regulator) for 3.3V

Additional features:

  • Temperature Monitor (Overtemp 50C, Heater activated at -10C)
  • inboard heater
  • Status LEDs for charging indicator and faults


Cupcake is planned to be assembled in the fall of the 2018-2019 academic year, with the first launch planned for Winter 2019.